Support I Always Wanted... Comics by Brian King
Why Support Me?

Basically I am just giving the whole art this the best shot I can. I am a full time developer, and busy dad... but I want to lay down some sick art before I die. Following a dream if you will...what is there not to support?

All money basically just goes into the cycle of art supplies, and any expense I have into this hobby. Hopefully the options below give anyone who enjoys the things I make an option of how to keep this shit going.

The goal is not to have lots of money. The goal is constantly create, improve, and enjoy myself as an artist.

Become a Patreon

Best way to put it...subscribe to seeing me make art for as little as $1 a month! There are perks, like being in the comic once a month, suprise caricatures and invites to live streams.

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Buy a 3 Loves Drawing

I like to draw people with what they love the most. This is a digital drawing, that I will upload so you can print. I will also upload to redbubble incase you want it as a print/shirt/sticker...shower curtain.

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Buy a Shirt

Years ago I started making tshirt design, I have a few up for grabs. If you see something in the comic or a drawing I do you think should be a shirt tell me.

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Buy Other Merch

From pillows to phone cases.... to nice little scarfs... you can drape all my weird ass art all over your life. I will be adding new stuff to redbubble constantly.

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I Always Wanted Mugs!

As I make I Always Wanted Comics I slap the comics on mugs because why not... what is on your mug now? Probably something these mugs are for you.

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My Wish List

This is the total hail mary, but as they say... if you don't put it out there noone will ever know. If for some reason you feel you want to do more than all the things before hand...then go for it and I shal always appriciate it.